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The websites promotion is one of today’s most common combination among anyone who owns website, this mean – among all companies operating the market. SEO is the common denominator of international corporations, local commercial enterprises, new businesses, government organizations, political movements, social associations and more.

They all have a home page that designed to attract visitors and expose the surfers to the company or organization. Therefore, in order to grant an optimal exposure of the website to the internet audience, you have to use the websites promotion, because it is so relevant combination for all those companies and various organizations.

Without noticing, the words combinations such as websites promotion, SEO experts, SEO consultants, courses for search engine optimization and more entered the jargon and we began to speak the language of websites promotion without feeling at all.

There is a brief overview on topic of SEO listed below. Starting from beginning and to the extensive industry that is still growing, and it is called on its general name: “The Search Engine Optimization Industry”.

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SEO – General Review

The public of online surfers is unable and even does not wish at all to recognize the variety of websites, let alone to know them by name. Users have become accustomed to work with a search engine as follows: they enter to a search engine page (in this country is Google Israel), enters a name of a person, name of a company, subject, occupation, phrase, quote and much more and the search engine that perform automatic check redirects them to a list of websites, which are relevant.

It is likely that they will find what they want on that list. In the past, it was very easy; someone would enter keyword such as "drug allergy" and reach several sites in the field of health, particularly in the pharmaceutical field. However, today, in the era with a thousand working websites and counting, the search engine finds multiple results that are relevant for the user and to make it easier for him (and to enhance the browsing experience) - the search engine arranges the results of his search on a chronological list. Search engine optimization is actually a general name for all activities and techniques that designed to help the site to reach the top of the result page.


SEO – The Beginning of a New Profession

Search engine optimization quickly became a professional field; due to the creation of high demand for effective and immediate solutions for websites promotion among publishers that began to feel the rigors of competition. The websites promotion has become a field of professional practice mainly because it is a technological system and a computerized tool that not every website owner necessarily has access to this tool and, of course - to the extensive professional knowledge that annually grows and expands. Search engine optimization is not a field that you learn once, but a field that demands to grow and evolve with it over the years. Because over the years new tools kicks in, new information flows and new techniques are being developed.


Organic SEO

Search engine optimization – new models on the market

The market’s need for SEO solutions has led to the immediate establishment of SEO companies, SEO companies that engaged websites promotion, colleges that put towards the public training courses in a field of search engine optimization and publishing a variety of professional literature on the subject of websites promotion. If you are after phases of constructing with hosting – you are ready to go to the next level.



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