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How to Do Free Website Promotion

Improving your online visibility to generate traffic and convert visitors into sales does not always come with a cost. You can work on some strategies to achieve the same benefits without spending on Pay-Per-Click advertisement or Google Adwords. Among them are content marketing, social media networking, online forums, and email list. If you have no idea on how to do free website promotion, continue your read.

Content Marketing

Launch a blog and write a number of articles that will help solve people’s problems and answer their questions. Make sure that these are related to the products and services that you provide. For instance, if you offer locksmith services, publish blog posts that answer their questions on which types of locks offer high security at home, why hiring a professional locksmith is better than doing it yourself, and many more. Place links on your posts that will lead readers or guests to the other pages of your website. You may also consider guest blogging. Write only on credible sites so you can build high quality links that will direct visitors to the pages of your website.

Social Media Networking

Take advantage of the popularity of social media. Sign up for accounts at different social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. Share content (articles, videos, images, and others) to your social media accounts. Interact with your clients and followers. Answer inquiries and reply to comments. You may also post status that will start discussion. Launch contests and other promos that will help increase your number of followers.

Email List

Another way on how to do free website promotion is by asking visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter. Make sure that each page of your site has subscription form available. To draw them to sign up, offer something that will be of use to them like eBooks, white papers, and even discount cards. Send them newsletters and product updates, and special offers through their email addresses regularly. People in your email list often make another visit to your site.

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