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The Consulting for Web Marketing and Websites Promotion for businesses and SEO companies.

HABoneH Company specializes in business web marketing consulting for the web development companies and SEO companies.

The goal:
A new business that wants to market its website needs counseling before appeal to  Development Companies or SEO Companies.

A business that began an online advertising process and feel stuck. SEO / Web Development Companies that seeks consultation on the topic.

Our goal to analyze what should be done when everything is stuck whether this is new business / old business, SEO or Web Development Companies.

When comparing the subject of capital market to the subject of websites promotion, you can get a number of similarity points.The resemblance resulted from a number of parameters that remain the same despite the obvious differences between them:

First, when you spend money on a particular keyword, but after a long time period this keyword does not bring profits, you need to stop investing in it (money and time are critical components of every decision). As at the capital market, when you invest in a particular stock and it does not yield success and even decreases in percentages, you need to make a decision and sell the stock that you own.

Another similarity between the capital market and the websites promotion is that you can spend a long time on the subject of websites promotion and perform a research with a daily tracking and if you do not keep track on it, ranking of chosen keyword will drop from its location. Exactly as in the capital market, if you are not tracking the share announcements about this or that stock and you do not read financial newspapers, soon you will lose a great deal of money.

Another point and even very important is a budget and a long-term thinking, the websites promotion topic requires setting a pre-defined budget and tolerance to patiently wait a few months until reaching the desired results, similar to the capital market, when you have to patiently wait and to set a budget to be able to reach profits from the investment.

The right choice:
Another point is choosing the right company that due to a rich past of success in the field it could help you choose a well-considered right keywords and direct the content of a website according to the keywords. Same as at the capital market, when you have to choose an investment company with proven experience in the field that will give you smart tips for investments (do you familiar with investment advisors?)

Today, in most fields, many similarities could be found, because in every subject you choose to invest it is important to set a budget, monitor the progress and it is more importantly to be patient.

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