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SEO company in NYC

What exactly is SEO?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website more visible in search engine queries.  So why is this highly popular method something that you need for your business?


How Does SEO Impact Your Business?

  • Increases the amount of traffic to your website

This just makes sense.  Have you ever had the experience of needing to find a certain business online and not being able remember their name?  You may have searched for related keywords without success, even trying different keywords and attempting in different ways.  Finally, you may have actually given up because the task became impossible.  Does this sound familiar?  I know it has happened to me! 

Imagine: it was impossible after much searching to find the website of a business that you were specifically looking for!  Now imagine that people are searching for a service or product that your business provides.  They don’t know your business, and so when they search for related keywords they will most likely select a page that shows up as one of the first search engine results.  If your business is not one of those first few results, you will receive less traffic to your website and ultimately be losing potential customers and business!


  • Is a viable marketing strategy


This is not a matter of fiction: SEO really does work to increase sales and get your website seen!  One business used Google Analytics to test the effectiveness of SEO-based improvements to their website made by an SEO company in NYC.  What was the result?  They were able to see that organic leads accounted for over 50% of sales!  So what does this mean for you?  The more you use SEO on your website, the more organic leads you will get, and your sales have the potential to increase infinitely!


There is, however, a caution in order.  Something else that this company found using Google Analytics was that the effects of SEO are not instant.  This means that when you set up your site to be SEO savvy, it may take a few weeks or months to see any real results.  But believe me, the results are coming.


Do you need help making your website ready for SEO success?  Turn to the professionals and make sure the job gets done right!  At HABONEH, we are ready and able to make your website an SEO success story, and increase your business to its full potential!

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