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Local Maps is my new website and business model.  Why choose my website for the second example you ask?  Real simple.  Google Local + is fairly new to the internet community, and has been targeted as one of  the fastest and hottest growth areas for Google.  To help you keep things straight, sometimes they also refer to it as Google Business, local maps, local internet marketing, local seo, Google Places and Google Maps.  Whatever they call it in the future, it’s all about “local maps marketing”.  Which is where I got the name for the business.

Google + George NapoliOne of the components of Google Local + is Google +.   Google + is Google’s answer to the social media giant Facebook.  The image on the left is my personal Google +.  Keep your eyes open to how Google + and Google Maps which merged over 80,000,000 businesses to Google Local + are being tied together now.  You will be noticing images of people who have written content.  This is now what Google calls Authorship.  If you do everything right, they tag you as an authority in the eyes of Google…and that is big in the eyes of Google and for your keyword driven search results on the internet..

That’s why I chose to get trained and to focus in the Google’s Maps program when it comes to local businesses and online marketing.  I have both the skill sets and the performance tools to be effective in both internet marketing in general, as well as local maps marketing in particular.

Finally, you will also notice that my company is not a local business, so it cannot be marketed on Google Maps.  My company competes in a market with no boundaries.  That makes me an internet company.  This validates my ability to rank a company using effective internet marketing skills as well.

domain regMy domain is less than 60 days old, securing the domain in July 2013.  Please see validation image to the left.

Google Places and local maps are competitive words for one of the fastest growing platforms for Google.  In less than 60 days online and being Google Proof, you can actually check out the reality of my performance and ability to move the needle for this new website and business by checking my primary keywords and see where I rank:

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