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Buying views on YouTube
Views from real users from around the world. The view rate ranges from 100 to 500 views per day.

High view rates ...

With every view package order, you receive a like package, for free!

Questions and answers on buying views on YouTube

Q: I chose a 3,000-view package. Is this for one video, or for a few of them?

A: Every package on the site is for just one video. If you want to include other videos, you’ll need to book another order for each additional video.

Q: Is it safe to purchase views on Youtube?

A: Yes. We’ve never ran into any problems concerning the purchase of views on Youtube over the past eight years.

Q: Do you send in the exact number of views, or a higher number?

A: 90% of the time, we’ll send more views to your video than what you purchased. The deviation isn’t so big – we’re talking about a few hundred views. This is because it’s hard to stop the stream of views. That’s why you’re the big winner!

Q: Can I determine the YouTube view rate?

A: Yes. After payment, send us an e-mail with your request. We can limit the view rate.

Q: At what point will I start seeing results, after buying YouTube views?

A: Results can be seen already within 24-36 hours of the order.

Q: Where do the views come from? Who views the video?

A: Views are from real people from all over the world.


Q: Can I order more than 100,000 YouTube views?

A: Of course. Contact us for a price quote.


What are the benefits of buying views on YouTube?

A boost on your way to success – that’s one of the main benefits of buying views on YouTube. By buying views on YouTube, you get a serious boost in the form of jacking up the video’s view counter. This is the most important part.

This attracts more viewers. This benefit is based on facts. Research demonstrates that the view counter directly affects users and their choices. By buying YouTube views, you attract another group of visitors that will view your video. We’ll give you the prime example that illustrates this benefit. If you had to choose to view one of two videos, one of which had 500 views, and the other, 5,000 views, which would you choose?

A higher rating: video promotion on YouTube is one of the main promotion fields on YouTube. This is obviously connected to the video’s search result ranking. It’s just like SEO, with videos instead of webpages. The view counter is one factor in this.

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