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Buying comments on Youtube Comments from users from all over the world. Buying comments on Youtube - an exclusive offer from HABONEH


Q: Does it really help to buy comments on Youtube?

A: Yes. Buying comments on Youtube demonstrates that you have a fan base that follows your YouTube channel By having comments on your YouTube videos, you also build your reputation, people become exposed to these comments, and you have a positive impact on them.


Q: Which users’ comments do you post onto YouTube?

A: All of the users are users from all over the world. Every user has a real YouTube profile.


Q: Can I determine the content of the comments?

A: No. But we can promise you that you’ll receive positive feedback on your video.


Q: What language will the comments be in?

A: In most cases, the comments will be in English.


Q: At what point will I start seeing results, after buying YouTube comments?

A: Comments appear within up to four week days, and usually, orders are processed one business day after they are booked.


YouTube Comments – an indispensable component of your success.


You can only profit from the YouTube comment purchasing service. There are so many benefits to this service.

I’ll explain a few. For YouTube viewers, comments can create a positive impact on the viewer.

For instance, if I view a video that has no comments to it, I judge the video based solely on my personal opinion.


But if a user views another video which has comments like “Amazing!” and “What a beautiful song!”, that user is now affected by the existing comments.

 The comments on YouTube videos also demonstrate to the viewer that the singer in the video has a great reputation and lots of fans who view the singer’s YouTube channel.


Comments can be an important factor for YouTube, too. They provide evidence that the video is high-quality, and it is marked “viral”.

A video could have a million views and likes, but if it only has two comments, YouTube considers it a regular video.

If, however, the video receives a lot of comments from time to time, YouTube treats the video differently. It rates it higher in search results, and the video appears in the suggested videos bar next to other videos.

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