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Website Content Services

Website Content Services

Where is your website?

The best freelance writer can create the content for your web page that will flow beautifully, and be eloquent, however no one may ever see that page. Why? If your content was produced without any knowledge of search engine behavior, then it was not designed to be search engine optimized. Simply putting up a great looking website, with compelling content won’t get the exposure your company is looking for. Without content that is geared toward a search engine, your website will be hidden deep in a results page that never is viewed.

Content is not just a keyword

As search engines continue to change, your website content also has to evolve into a language that search engines can easily understand. Search engines indexes are continually being updated and are thus very fluid in their ranking of web pages. Some search engines run algorithms on a web crawler to continually look for new websites and new content. Crawler-based search engines use software agents that visit a Web site, read the information, read the website's meta tags and follow all the links. All this information is stored and indexed. When a person initiates a search for a product, the search engine tries to match up the search words with the indexed data it has stored and find the most relevant results and orders them by best first.  The Search engines use different methods to rank the results, such as hierarchically ordered keywords or an "inverted index".

With properly designed website content, the search engines will find your website, understand what products you sell or services you provide, and match those up with user queries, thereby displaying your website in the search results. The position or ranking of your website is determined by a number of different factors. One of the factors is the frequency of keywords and where on the website the keywords are located. However, search engines are smart enough to recognize when you are simply using a keyword over and over and over again in order to get a better ranking. The search engine will actually discount many of the matches, driving your page further down in the ranking.

This is why it is so important to use a company who is familiar with the current search engine techniques and processes. Haboneh has a highly experienced and extremely skilled staff that is constantly monitoring search engine trends in order to provide website content services that will get your website noticed and ranked high on search engine results. 

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