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Website Promotion Canada

Website Promotion Canada

Is there a difference between a United States website and a Canadian website?

The answer is yes. If your company is using a United States website to reach people in Canada, then you might be missing a large segment of your target audience. Why? Part of the difference lies in the different spelling of words between United States English and Canadian English. In the United States, a wooden archway is called an arbor. In Canada, the same wooden archway is called an arbour. If you search for the word “arbor sale” the results will list mostly US sites. If you search for “arbour sale”, the results will list mostly Canadian or UK sites. Therein lies the problem. Your site is not optimized for your audience. Your website needs to be optimized for a Canadian audience in order to have the proper exposure.

Using a website promotion agency can help you to reach your target audience. Website promotion begins with the content and meta tags on your website. This part of the promotion is called on-page optimization. A website with good content and clear meta tags can help a search engine understand what your site is selling or what service it is providing. This is a key factor in having your website listed in the results of a query. With the additional use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords on your site, search engines will assign your company higher rankings in a results query. This is extremely important, since most people tend to select a website which appears on the first page of results.  If your company is listed on page 3 or beyond, you are losing valuable opportunities. The more keywords you match, the higher your ranking on the results page.

HABONEH can help you to get your website greater visibility through a website promotion package. They offer 4 different packages to address your needs and budget. HABONEH has an experienced and skilled staff that can ensure your website is presented to a target audience. They also offer the “First Page Guarantee”. If one of your keywords has not ranked on the first page of search engines during the first 6 to 12 months of your SEO plan, they will provide the service for FREE until it happens.

Choose a company that has the necessary skills and expertise to ensure your website is a success. Contact HABONEH today.

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