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SEO Companies NYC

Why do you need Search Engine Optimization?

Your competitors are doing it

There is an old saying – What goes up must come down. That could not be truer when it comes to website rankings in organic (non-paid) search engine results. Your website may have ranked on the first page of popular website searches, however you are not the only one who noticed it. Your competitors have been analyzing your site in order to effectively compete against you. They have been changing keywords and meta tags on their website in an attempt to rank higher in search engine results.

They will achieve their aim given time and effort; or maybe they already have. The problem is, every time a competitor achieves a higher ranking, your ranking goes down. If you do not take any action, eventually your site will fall off the first, second or even third page of search results, which means you will lose potential customers.

SEO can help

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can gain back your position as a leader in organic search results. SEO is geared toward improving your website’s ranking, driving traffic to your site, and aligning your website keywords to match the most customer searches as possible within your company’s scope. This means that SEO is not just about choosing the correct word to describe your company’s activities, but focuses on how search engines look at your website and what words people are using for their searches.



With so many SEO Companies in NYC, why entrust HABONEH with your website?

HABONEH has a highly skilled staff that has the experience necessary to improve your rankings when it comes to organic search results. Search engines are changing all the time as they try to improve their accuracy and effectiveness. You need a company that is keeping current with the latest trends and biases that search engines are using. Your company and its reputation are wrapped up in its website. You need the best options possible.

HABONEH is so sure of its ability to move your company up in the search engine rankings, they offer a guarantee called “The First Page Guarentee” that states “If one of your keywords has not ranked on the first page of search engines during the first 6 to 12 months of your SEO plan, we will provide the service for FREE until it happens.” Only a truly experienced company with a fully competent staff could offer a guarantee like that. Call HABONEH today.

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