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The importance of SEO on your landing page


I have spent a lot of money on my landing page. Is it all worth it?

Yes and No. A good web design firm can produce a landing page that converts site visitors into sales or leads. The site may have a perfect balance and appeal that truly invites visitors into offering up their email addresses for more information. That page might be a design Leonardo da Vinci would be proud of.  The only problem is your landing page ranks number 99 on a keyword search. That means your beautiful masterpiece is lost because most people will never get to see it. All that money you spent on that awesome design is not producing the results you expected.

How do I get the most from my landing page?

The only way that your great landing page can produce results is if people actually view your page. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can truly benefit you. Search engine optimization is a collection of methods that improve a website’s rank position in a search engine’s results. That all translates into more people viewing your landing page and more opportunities for your company to be a success. Your company is on the internet so that you can reach a broader audience. You spent money on designing a great landing page and the more people that see that page, the more results you will have.


Is SEO really worth it?

Companies who provide Search Engine Optimization services are highly skilled, have a great deal of experience and know the ever changing landscape of search engine algorithms. With SEO in place, people will find you instead of finding your competitors. The internet is like a haystack and your company is a needle. With SEO, that needle will always be found.

Who can provide the service I need for a great price?

No two companies are exactly alike, therefore, you need a flexible SEO service provider who can change as your business needs change. HABONEH is an SEO agency in NYC that offers 4 different SEO packages that allow you to select just the right services you need today. HABONEH also offers the First Page Guarantee, meaning that if your keywords are not on the first page of a search query during the first 6 to 12 months, then the service they provide will be FREE until that happens.  Check out HABONEH today and see how SEO can benefit your business.

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