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Local Website Promotion

Local Website Promotion: Have an Edge Over Your Competitors


When you have a business that caters to the local market, there's a higher chance that you have tight competition in the area. Whether you're a pizza restaurant or a seller of specific products, it's usual to have neighboring businesses offering the same or at least similar items or services as you do. Even if you have a website to tap into the potential of getting a larger customer base, the competition remains high when your rivals also have their own websites and social media accounts. So how can you get an edge from among your competitors?  The deal breaker will fall into the hands of how intensive your online marketing efforts are in terms of targeting the local market.


Having a good local website promotion strategy from planning to implementation will give you an advantage over your competitors, unless of course if their techniques are better than yours. By restructuring your website content and codes a bit and by establishing links with compatible businesses and happy customers, you can be sure that your company's visibility is boosted.


  • Optimize your website for local keywords. As mentioned, you need to ensure that your website is structured in a way to be friendly to search engine robots. With the use of relevant keywords that are commonly looked up on search engines, the robots will easily and quickly understand what you have to offer in the local area and thus, putting your business on prominent ranks in search results.


  • Be visible on social media and directory listings. These are great platforms to establish your presence in the local area because you can do a lot. In social media, you can engage your customers to a discussion that matters to them. Or at least, you can give them an easy way to ask questions about your products. In online local directory listing, you can have a formal page that discusses what your business is all about and previous clients have the chance to leave a review or service rating. In both cases, make sure that you provide a link to your website in your profile.


  • Establish link building with local businesses. Ensure that the incoming and outgoing links of your website are of good quality, which means that they're all relevant to what you're offering. In the same way, it's best to build relationships with complementary businesses as well as happy customers in the local area to establish deep, meaningful connections that could end up getting quality links through blogs and page content.


Do you believe in the importance of local marketing for your website but don't just have enough time to create and implement a good plan? HABONEH is here to help you with its expert team of digital marketers and local SEO experts.

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