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Website Promotion Google Search

Nowadays, search engine optimization especially on Google is more than just stuffing your websites with keywords and waiting for them to rank high in search results pages. Promoting a webpage or blog these days involve a variety of planned activities such as providing fresh content, adding tags to images, sharing through social media, launching online ads and providing relevant links. Web promotion through Google search optimization is more than just getting many visitors to your site, but how much these visitors are likely to stay and return to the site. This will determine if your web promotion is done correctly.

The following signs will help you know if you are optimizing your site for Google correctly.

1. Better rank

Monitor your ranking by Google and observe any change; if you notice any rank improvement upon optimization, then you can be sure that you are doing your website promotion Google search optimization correctly. However you must make sure that you website is ranked for target keywords. Also your website should be able to appear on the first page of Google's search results.

2. Your ranking stays consistent

Although it may be impossible to remain on top every time a relevant query is entered in Google, your website should be able to maintain being on the first page of the search results despite its ranking shifting a few positions up and down from time to time. However, when your website ranking is dropping every day for several days, it is not a good indicator of a well implemented optimization strategy.

3. High revenue

A rise in revenue from your website is usually a good sign of an effective search optimization on Google. This also shows that your website has the relevant information that your target visitors need, thanks to the proper use of keywords. Not all traffic yields income, only targeted ones brings revenue that is why the importance of having the right content cannot be overemphasized. Websites that rank high without the content a visitor is looking for will surely get high traffic but may not generate any substantial revenue since the visitor will likely leave the site and look for the one with the desired information.

Having a website for your business is not enough; you will also have to promote it to bring in as many of your target readers as possible and to increase your opportunities to convert these visitors into loyal customers.

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