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Purpose of this form
This form is for any business owner who would to request a formal Website Security Vulnerability Review of their business website.

There are several fields that you will be required to answer in order to submit the form. Knowing the answers to these questions is critical to the process.

Once you have submitted the form I will get back to you as soon as I have done a brief review of your answers and have a chance to check your site out.

If you are in need immediate action, please call +1 800-287-1250 . There is a non-refundable $125 emergency response fee due upfront. Any repairs made or services performed to resolve the issue will charged separately. In some cases I may require an additional $200 or more up-front to resolve an issue.

Reason for requesting a review:*
Please share with me why you are requesting a security review from the list below. If there is more than one reason, select the primary reason and then list other reasons in the comment box provided below.



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Reason for requesting a review:*
I just want to know if my website is safe
I suspect there might be a security issue with my site
Google sent me a warning that my website is blacklisted
My hosting provider told me my site was infected
My browser gives me a warning when I pull up my site
My site has been shut down and I don't know why
I got locked out of my admin area
Someone replaced my homepage content
There are ads on my site I didn't put there
There are a ton of files and directories I don't recognize
My clients are telling me they are being infected with MalWare from my site
Some other reason (list details below)
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makers other than yourself, just enter "Self"

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