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Website promotion and marketing

The Internet is definitely one of the most influential technology today just below smartphones. Almost everyone around the world has his or her way to access the Internet. It is now like the main library of the whole world where anyone can get information from it or even put information in it. Users vary from the old people to the young ones as early as 3 years old according to Victoria Ward (2013) in an article on One major reason for this is the invention of social media websites. Manuel Castells (2014) of said that in November of 2007, the time spent on social media sites outmatched the time spent on e-mail, and in July of 2009, the number of social media sites users surpassed the number of e-mail users. These data just show how the Internet greatly affects people from different ages.

In relation to this, one of the commonly used features of social media sites, Facebook for example, is the “share post.” Through this, people can share other people’s post or an external website and make it appear on their own wall. This feature is very popular when a certain website wants to be promoted.

Websites, according to Cambridge English Dictionary, are composed of web pages of information about a certain topic which are published by a person or organization. Today, companies aim to have their own websites. It is a way for these companies to strengthen their presence on their respective industries. So, after putting up a website, a company has to think about how it should be promoted to people. It could be part of their PR and brand identity building. On the other hand, people and start-up companies may be in a different situation.

Website promotion is not that simple; it requires a lot of effort, money, and expertise since website promotion doesn’t only stop on the “share” feature of Facebook. Thus, website promoting and marketing companies were put up. One of these companies is HABoneH. HABoneH is a dependable website and promotion company that provides quality services to clients while giving the appropriate strategies they need to promote their website on the social media sites as well as search engines. These strategies include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Design.  

To sum it all up, as Internet users grow more and more each day, website promotion and marketing strategies are also developing. Thus, website promotion and marketing companies are there to help.

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