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Music Promotion Services

David Ludden Ph.D. (2015) discussed how music becomes the universal language in an article in Psychology Today. He said that music is not necessarily the “universal language” that you can literally share thoughts to another person with different culture and language; music becomes the universal language when it conveys deeper emotion to another person from a different culture. This means that melody, rhythm, and tone are the main things that make music “universal.” This is the main reason why there are some Americans love listening to Japanese classical music or Chinese people who like listening to French songs (assuming that they don’t know how to speak Japanese and French).


In relation to this, the development of the Internet made sharing of music a lot easier than before. Now, there are already mobile apps that can be used for music sharing. There’s also now Youtube where people can listen to a wide range of music for free. So, people from a certain race can now have easier access to music from different races. Because of this, independent artists, who are not affiliated with big music labels, are now more courageous to make their own music and sell it to others by themselves. However, this is not as easy as it seems.

Selling your music doesn’t stop with posting a cover on Youtube and sharing it on Facebook afterwards. Marketing your music means a lot of promotions, and a lot of promotions means lots of efforts, money, and knowledge on how to do it properly. This is when companies that offer music promotion services come to the picture. They help rising artists to maximize their resources through their strong grip of marketing strategies. One of these great companies that offer music promotion services is HABoneH. HABoneH is marketing company that offers a wide range of services when it comes to online promotions and marketing. One of their fortes is music promotion. They have built a good name in this industry that could be proved by their previous clients. Through their great grasp of online marketing strategies, they can help a rising artist promote his or her music online where most music sharing happens.


As the development of convenient online sharing continues, music production will not remain a big impossibility in the heads of great rising artists. When done right with the help of music promotion companies, marketing music will definitely be a dream came true for many.

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