How Much Does Website Promotion Cost


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How Much Does Website Promotion Cost

While digital marketing and internet business solutions are cheap, they still cost some money. To give you an idea on how much you have to invest, here is a handy guide on how much does website promotion cost.




Using Google AdWords

If you want to answer the question how much does website promotion cost, you have to talk about Google AdWords. It is one of the most famous and most used website promotion platforms around. The costing scheme for this is pretty straightforward. One only has to know that the amount of money they will pay is dependent on the keyword they will choose and how many clicks to they want.

In AdWords, each keyword has a monetary value. The monetary value increases or decreases depending on how many people are using it. The more people using it, the more expensive it is. Once you select a keyword, you then have to decide how many clicks you want to your website. Do you want fifty? Do you want a hundred? Or do you want a thousand? Afterwards, multiply the keyword cost and then you will understand pretty much how much you shall spend.

Don’t worry. You can set a budget for each of your ad. If you wish to only spend a certain amount on any given day, you can design an ad that works with that amount. The great thing about AdWords is that’s so friendly to use.


Using Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a little bit different. It’s a little less defined compared to Google AdWords. In this platform, one spends per post and usually one has to shell out the amount of money depending on how much likes, reactions, comments, shares and clicks a post gets. The amount per each click depends on the demographic and interest assigned to that post. The smaller the fan base is, the more expensive it is going to become.

What’s great with Facebook advertising though, is that each post that you pay for still get seen by thousands of people and one only pays every time there is an engagement. Is payment you made already has the results one wants.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to the question how much does website promotion cost. If you need assistance, contact HABONEH today. Their experience in the industry provides them the opportunity to craft website promotion ads that are both powerful and cheap. 

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