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Everyone would agree that the whole world is already on the verge of digitalization. If you would walk on a busy street with a lot of busy people, you will definitely notice how everything becomes digitalized – from moving advertisements on digital billboards to people’s unyielding attention on their smartphones and tablets. The decreasing value of printed materials have both positive and negative impacts to the society. It could be positive because less trees are being cut to make papers for prints. It may be negative because everyone is starting to solely depend on digitalization. Sometimes, you might not be updated with current events if you’re not connected to social media, which is one product of digitalization. Before, newspapers and magazines are the best things to refer to when talking about current events. Speaking of newspapers and magazines, these media have also evolved because of digitalization, turning these printed media to web newspapers and magazines that can be easily shared to social media sites. Through these, they are able to reach more readers than before with less effort and lower costs.

It may be sad, in a way, that digitalization changes the way traditional libraries should be, but looking at it in a different perspective, it can give a wide range of benefits as more and more people now are turning back to reading through online articles and news. Because of this, almost all companies have the mindset that they should have online presence or at least have something that can be shared from one person’s smartphone to another. However, one problem these companies have is how they are going to market themselves in the digital world.

Digital marketing is different from the usual marketing that people know since the various advertising media are also changing. Therefore, the traditional concepts that a company has may not be applicable to digital marketing. Here is where digital marketing companies enter.

Digital marketing companies have firm grasp of the concepts on how digital marketing should be done. One of these companies is HABoneH. It is a reliable digital marketing company that can give all of your digital marketing needs from the proper concepts to be used to the proper implementation of those concepts.

Digitalization is a vital part of today’s technology as it affects a wide range of the present consumers. Thus, if a company wants to live up its own brand and reach more consumers than before, hiring a digital marketing company will definitely give you more benefits than risks.

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