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How to Do Website Promotion in Google


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 How to Do Website Promotion in Google

Are you still not advertising with Google? If you’ve known it only as a search engine, you are mistaken because it offers a selection of services, tools, and advertising opportunities that are all beneficial to your business. With the search engine getting an average of 2.3 million searches per second (as of March 2016), it is without a doubt your best source of traffic. If you have no idea how to do website promotion in Google, read below.


Optimize your website to land in the (first page of the) search engine results of Google.

Make your web pages rank well in Google. To do this, you will need to launch an effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO campaign so it can assist you in getting online visibility, driving quality traffic, promoting your brand, and achieving the credibility that your website needs. SEO includes several strategies, including the use of keywords in your content (blog posts, research reports, videos, and others). But remember to use keywords that Internet users commonly type in their search query.

Advertise in Google.

Google AdSense and AdWords are two of Google’s advertising opportunities for businesses. Of these two, placing advertisements in AdWords is the more ideal approach on how to do website promotion in Google because it lets you reach 80% of Internet users. The search engine places your ads to other sites. Internet users can also see it on the right side of the page beside the organic search results of Google and together with your email messages in Gmail.

Advertising in Google is worth every dollar you spend for your traffic because you can be assured that it is highly targeted. How? Google will place your ads on sites that are relevant to your site’s content and to the keywords you selected. You can also identify your target language and region.  



If you are worried about the cost, there’s no reason for this because you can plan your ad placements according to your budget. You can set the amount that you want to spend for certain keywords in your ads. You are charged each time your ad is clicked. You can set your budget each day.

If you are new in online advertising and if you want to be sure of your actions because you have little or no idea on how to do website promotion in Google, you should consider hiring Haboneh Company because it is already an expert in this and other strategies to promote your website. You may call +1 213-408-7112  Los Angeles or visit www.haboneh.net.

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