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The HABoneH Company specializes in creating music for movies.

Composing Movie Soundtracks


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The HABoneH Company specializes in creating music for movies of all existing styles.

Corporate Video - composing, recording and processing of the soundtrack for the corporate video to convey the message in the most intelligent and fascinating form.

Anthem of the Company - writing texts, composing, processing, manufacturing and complete production of all the anthem of the company or organization.

Jingle for Phones - composing and producing jingles for simple gifts, business branding and transfer of professional posts.

Soundtrack for a Website - producing original music for a pleasant experience of the Internet and for the branding of the site.

Soundtrack for Television and Movies - composing and producing music for ordered soundtrack for the series or movie.

Our advantages:

Experience - Together we bring decades of experience that is appropriate to lift the advertising campaign and to an original composition.

Adherence to deadlines - a prerequisite in our work is to provide reliable service and compliance of deadlines.

Perfectionism – there is no place for error in our solid work method. We crosscheck everything to the smallest detail.

Professional narration - We have a reservoir with professional and quality voice talents, who speak in all languages.

Copywriting Department - consultations on the subject of slogan advertising and advertising of the line you are interested to build.

Professional musicians - we work only with professional musicians.

The working methods and recommendations

To give a top priority to the first time or viewing a rough-cut or reading the script. "The experience of the first viewing" defined as "a one-off and it cannot be repeated. " it should be given a supreme concentration - because after that, for months, sometimes even years - it is the first impression from which we derive most of our inspiration.

We advise to play intuitively and freely over the selected scene from the film, and then, after a while, at least after a day to listen to the result to get the minimum perspective.

Using a computer allows the use of technologies that were not available to the 90s; the use of these technologies to the limit allows us to explore the sounds in front of the image before investing in recording, musicians, studios, etc.

The whole thing gets very professional aspect, whether it is appropriate to production, advanced computing is growing and mainly the awareness that film composers should not be pop-stars, but musicians who specialize in this particular line of work.All of this leads to continuous improvement and quality of soundtracks.

Basic Concepts

SOURCE - music that is played in the scenes within the movie - for example, the working TV in the background, the actor singing, the song that is playing on the radio or the iPod or the appearance of the car.

SCORE - the music that accompanies the scene or the scene after they were filmed.

Between these two concepts, there is a complex system of relationships and endless dialogue. When these two elements blend well with each other, often the feeling of cinematic miracle occurs. Reality, which turns into fantasy, or vice versa.

What are the components movie’s soundtrack?


Everything that is said by the actors (or characters of documentary films), or presenters that accompanies the film with explanatory notes, etc. The direction of the dialogue, in most cases, lead the story – its importance is most significant, and needs separate treatment from other sounds that comprising the film’s soundtrack.

Effects and Atmosphere

Without traffic noise from outside, chirping birds, the wind, the chatter of people from a distance, phone calls, take-off aircraft, etc. without all this our lives would be empty and detached. When we film and record the scene - the background sounds are an integral part of the result, and they convert the characters that move on the screen into living ones.

Sound, which were recorded during filming, are not always sufficient. In fact - it is usually required to take care of the recorded sounds in the field, in order to adapt them to the film. Sometimes an undesirable elements Infiltrates into the recording (such as
the roar of the motor vehicle in a film that reproduces the lifetime of the Second Temple), sometimes we want to add sounds to accentuate the atmosphere (laughter in a comedy series, gunfire and explosions on the battlefield).

Some of the effects and sounds of the atmosphere are already in the original records from the place of filming. Some of the effects and sounds of the atmosphere are already in the original records from the place of filming. Some of them we add from
the intended sound libraries. Therefore, we "improve" movie reality, so it will most closely match the intentions of the director.


Music can serve a film from almost any angle. It can support filming, character design and installation. It can add an emotional layer to stimulate the plot and even contribute to the acting. Each musical element, whether it is the melody, the harmony, the choice of instrument or instruments, orchestration, recording and mix - It have a huge impact on the outcome. Making music for the film requires, in addition to musical talent, an ability of the composer to work in a team (directors, editors), to work quickly, in different ways, under critic and most importantly - for a particular purpose.

All these four elements become the soundtrack in the hands of the soundtrack’s designer. It is he, who “kneads “all sound materials till they yield to the final mix. Cooperation between the various departments is crucial to the success of the final

Here are some examples of compositions that HABoneH Company composed for films.


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