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Starter $ 7.95 *per month

 Websites - 2

 Website space - 1GB

 Monthly Transfer - 20GB

 FTP Account - 1

 Dedicated IP - 1

 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - 1 

 E-mail accounts - 10

 mysql - 1


Plus $ 14.95 *per month

 Websites - 3

 Website space - 2GB

 Monthly Transfer - 30GB

 FTP Account - 2

 Dedicated IP - 1

 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - 2

 E-mail accounts - 20

 mysql - 2


Business $ 17.95 *per month

 Websites - 6

 Website space - 3GB

 Monthly Transfer - 40GB

 FTP Account - 3

 Dedicated IP - 2

 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - 3 

 E-mail accounts - 30

 mysql - 3


Windows Hosting w/H-Sphere Panel

HBoneH H-Sphere based Windows Hosting allows small businesses and freelancers to host one or more websites in the same hosting account based on the plan they choose. Customer can create any number of mailboxes. Customer can access Mail through web pr desktop client like outlook express. Customer decides how to use allotted disk space between mail, web or database. Web, database and mail runs on separate servers in the cloud, thus not a single point of failure. Windows Hosting also comes with SiteStudio for creating personal websites. We are also offering 30-day money back and 99.9% uptime guarantee with any of our Windows hosting plans.


When we are talking about the web hosting, we are entering into an equation with variety of factors to consider when we are choosing a service provider.

You can see that many factors exists that influence the decision about selection of hosting provider. Mostly, driving consideration is comfortable usage, because most of the website owner are not professional in this field and they interested to manage the website independently, without considering the processes that occur in the background. Therefore, the interface type and its learning curve is the decisive factor. It is also important to examine who have the duty of installation and configuration: there are many interfaces, where you need to register, that accepts the website ready to work, and there are interfaces that requires uploading files, setting up a database, adjusting permissions and many other operations before they receive the interface. Manual set up for unskilled person may take a long time and create frustration. It may cause recourse to technical assistance and lead to learning about subjects that were not familiar to the person.


Web Hosting

When it comes to a hosting, because the reference is only to the hosting space – the amount of required knowledge is lower, and so the amount of properties. Generally, one must examine the proposed hosting capacity, server type, its speed and price. Recently there is a common trend to promise to customer a tremendous amount of space and at a minimal price (as an example – few terabytes for a few tens of dollars per year), but some restrictions are kept in small print in the user contract.  A limitation on the number of appeals to the server, there is a limit on monthly traffic, number of simultaneous online users and more. Of course, deviation from such a quota would lead to additional payments, which have a less reasonable price… Therefore, when choosing only the file storage, we should well consider the system that we are going to install on this kind of server and to present in advance a full characterization of the site, to make sure that we meet the requirements of various restrictions and conditions.


CMS-Based Hosting

Recently there have been a new trend. It includes offering to an end-client a comprehensive solution (one-stop-shop) for all his needs in the context of websites building. These solutions are offering all services as part of s general service package, which the client selects according to specific preferences. As part of this kind of service, the client is free to choose a suitable program for his business needs and to get only the services he needs. Such solutions usually offer a united interface that manages all aspects of the site that, among other things, contain within them the subject of storage (i.e. volume to save files). It can be assumed that there must be an interface to manage through files through CMS system. It is easy to recommend such a solution for each type of requirement: there is a great flexibility and the possibility of personal adaptation of received services. The web-based CMS hosting is not typically requires dealing with technical side or understanding of servers, but allows to easily open a website and within a few moments. Another advantage is that CMS systems directs themselves toward the users and not the programmers, system personnel and professionals in the field, but allows anyone to open a website with no effort. Preparation and performance of settings is carried out transparently to the user, behind the scenes and it leaves to the client only the task of construction and planning – without technical implication derived from it. Because most of the websites do not exceed a few megabytes, the inflated numbers only for the storage services are not relevant here – there is no reason that the website will exceed more than a few megabytes, even, assuming it will have heavy images and videos, it can reach several dozen megabytes, but certainly not terabytes…

Additionally, the issue of the installation is a profession in itself. The installation of the CMS hosting – even if its cost is zero (typical for free-code systems), still requires a considerable investment of time and knowledge that is over the basic in terms related to the field. Moreover, it often required to install a template that does not necessarily free of charge, additives and other tools – or to employ a person who is professional on the topic. Therefore, even in front of the blinding cost of “free”, it is important to remember that there are additional costs, which are not appear to the eye  and  they often popping up later, when  there is no desire to start from the scratch.

Therefore, it is recommended to select storage provider, which offers tools and services that do not require learning and allow construction of the website and its independent managing. Often, companies offering all-in solutions are capable to offer a free trial of the product, since it not requires installation and setup for each client.  This advantage allows the website owner who is experiencing, to find a system that meets his requirements in full and keep his website management work without having to rely on an external factor.

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