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A bit of history -

Freemasonry has been founded on the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. In France, the French Revolution leaders adopted the Masonic motto: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité (Liberty, equality, fraternity).

The Activity of the Masons frequently involved in charity and public work and at the same time it serves as a social  framework for those who active among movement. In most parts of the world, the philosophical side of Freemasonry is more pronounced, which  is based on the symbolism that comes from medieval Brotherhood, especially a Fellowship of practical builders, when their tools forms a base to a rich world of ideas.

The main activity of Freemasons has been for about 300 years, in the fraternity, from an interesting concept ,which held and still holds, that enrichment of the values of brothers and slow improvement that will improve their ethical and humane level, will bring a kind of "wave phenomena" (Ripple Effect) that will improve the entire company . In the 20th century, under the influence of voluntary organizations that were founded during Freemasons activity, the activity of the Brothers of the Order developed also in the community. This way the Masonic charity systems has appeared (in the whole world and more than anywhere, in the English-speaking countries), charitable activities that included funds for monetary donations and associations lodges of their brother's personal activity among the needy.

The Order of Freemasons prohibits its members - in offices and at their activities, engage in political or religious matters. Many brothers, who was highly social involved during the years, inclined to support certain political goals outside the order. They fought primarily for human rights. Freemasons who were involved in the revolutions of the 19th century in particular, did that because they did not see in the government, against which they fought, the government that they were supposed to support as a Freemasons. Because every Freemason sworn in allegiance to his country and its laws.

Many organizations with a variety of political and religious purposes got partly inspired from Freemasonry and they incorporated in their worldviews multitude of different opinions. It was convenient for them to hide behind the ideas of Freemasonry and attract many supporters in this way. This "Deception" hit the Freemasonry and the Freemasons; even they were very far from those bodies. Among those bodies, it could be found the Protestant organization "Orange" (Loyal Orange Association), or Italian "Carbonara" (Carbonari), which was supporting the consolidation of Italy.


Freemasonry in Israel, which is also connected to the biblical period in the Temple

Masons conduct operations in Israel since the end of the 19th century. The first ones came primarily from the United States, with the aim of finding archaeological remains to prove the authenticity of the masonic legends that organization originates from the temple built by King Solomon during his reign. Robert Morris, Mason from Kentucky, came to Israel in 1867. He founded in 1868 the first Masonic Lodge in Jerusalem, known as the "Reclamation Lodge of Jerusalem" and it was active in the French language.

The members of the Office of The Port of Solomon's Temple, at the beginning of the 20th century got to the conclusion that they must establish a new lodge so the masonry will not die in the country. Thus, in February 1906 they established in the Jaffa the Lodge of "Barkai". More than hundred freemasons were consecrated in the Lodge of Barkai until 1914. During the First World War, many members of the Lodge were expelled by the Ottoman regime and the operations of the "Barkai" Lodge were subsequently suspended. On January 9, 1932, a  "Grand Lodge of Palestine" - the first   large bureau of Freemasons in the Holy Land was established,  which, unlike large offices elsewhere in the world, did not united under its roof  the rest of the offices, which were operating in the country at that time. Union of chambers of this kind came only later with the establishment of "Grand Lodge of the State of Israel".

The bureaux operating in the English language that received their charter from Grand Lodge of England refused to join the new Grand Lodge and continued to work separately, while some of their counterparts in the German language were working under the symbolic Grand Lodge of Germany. The Nazi Germany started to pursue the Freemasons, who lived in Germany. They took refuge in Palestine and founded those German Lodges. Those German Freemasons have contributed greatly to the development of the "German colonies" in Jerusalem and Haifa. With the creation of Israel in 1948, they closed on their own initiative a number of Arabic-speaking lodges. Finally, on October 20, 1953, a "Grand Lodge of the State of Israel" was established, which united all the offices in Israel. "The Grand Lodge of the State of Israel," Although Freemasonry is not a religion, always starts its work with the holy books of the three monotheistic religions (Bible, New Testament and Koran) placed on the pedestal of respect for the three major religions operating in Israel.

In 2010, the main office in Tel Aviv was destroyed and moved to the "Museum Tower", located across the street. The Journal of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Israel, appearing since 1933, is called "Mason"

At the end of 2011 due to various complaints regarding allegations of irregularities and other ideologies such as requirement of belief in a supreme being and women's non-acceptance of the order, a group from the north of the country, headed by Yehiel Avidan withdrew, following the "affair of the sidewalks" for the women of Beit-Shemesh and lack of response from the Grand Lodge, which joined to the liberal Office, sponsored by the Grand Orient of France (GODF). In addition, under its patronage established administrative core called "triangle of Genesis" that should become in the future the Grand Orient of Israel and later, the first mixed men and women lodge of the Hebrew speaking of the GODF at Haifa established on January 13, 2013, "The North Star Office No. 4012.

During 2012, a second group of Chambers, headed by Moti Zviran and Lev Ernest , resigned due to general irregularities in promoting jobs, in their opinion, at the Grand Lodge to Israel and established the "Grand Lodge of Jerusalem", which was founded on the same principles like the Grand Lodge.

In 2014, there were six Mason agencies in the country. The Freemasons are recognized as follows: The Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, the biggest in the country with the English concept. Grand Orient of France, GODF, with liberal and egalitarian conception, which is receiving men and women alike. Order of human rights, Le Droit Humain, with an egalitarian approach that receives both women and men. Grand Lodge of France, GLF, for men only. Order of Memphis-Egypt, there are lodges for men and lodges for women as well as mixed Chambers of men and women. Order of Memphis Egypt - the Independent order. Grand Lodge of Jerusalem that is still not recognized by any independent umbrella organization.

King Solomon code

If someone joins the Freemasons gradually learns secret knowledge that was hidden in the first temple. Initiation rites and symbols of the mysterious Order! Their name binds to every possible conspiracy. Their symbol - angle and compass - perched on their forts in all cities of the world. Many world leaders were members of the Ancient Order. They meet secretly in city centers, and in their offices they conducts rituals associated with birth and death that no one from the outside world did not see and him, who takes part in them does not speak about them. Ceremonies which sources are drawn from the dawn of human history. They are Freemasonry, the Ancient Order in the world and the source of much speculation.

Most people, when asked about the nature of Freemasonry - can tell that this is a parade of people, running the world, a group of wealthy and powerful people, driving the wheels of government. Some will tell you that they are guards of an ancient secret associated with the Knights Hall (Templar), and there others, who will discover you  that they actually sent the Jack the Ripper to spread terror in London at the end of the 19th century. What is the truth, and where the history of these strange people begins? Masons, whose number ranges in the millions worldwide, cares to share secrets only to those who have made the move and sanctified into the Order. Others can only wonder. Until this moment.

One of accepted theories is that Freemasonry Order is a direct descendant of the medieval builders' guilds. Guild was at that time the most powerful social structure of professionals. It provided work, security, society and education.

To keep the power of the guild, the professionals sworn secrecy and traded their secrets only to an apprentice who joins after proving that he is free, healthy and age appropriate. Freemasonry, that called symbolic, began to develop in the 17th century in the British Isles, after more and more people that did not engaged in craft join builders’ guilds, they were drawn to the friendly atmosphere and to philosophical discussions, which were customary on their meetings.

Due to cultural changes that have occurred, the practical lodges declined, but the people refused to give up on the company and the exchange of ideas. Therefore, the group decided to make a symbolic construction. The talks that dealt with religion, philosophy, culture and ethics were peppered with symbols of actual construction. Tools and concepts used by the builders became allegories and metaphors.

In 1717, in London four lodges reunited. They formed the first Grand Lodge. The goal was to create a body to coordinate events and enable flexible working, to provide financial backing and expand the circle of friends and effect. Within a few years, the Grand Lodge of England found its sisters - similar offices around the world. Over the years, the Grand Lodge has become a meaningful symbol, a coordinating body that outside bodies contacted it. Small lodges joined, and rules of conduct and ceremonies prescribed by the Grand Lodge applied to them too.



The Currency of Freemasonry


The currency with a hexagram of Freemasonry. Mount Sinai Branch 212 in Toronto, Canada used the currency. On the bottom, on the right - the Ark of the Covenant. On the bottom, on the left - the Cornerstone. On the top, on the left- the Jerusalem Temple. In the center, on the left- the Tools of Builder. In the center, Moses with the Ten Commandments. Masons attribute the beginning of their movement to King Solomon (first Mason) who built the temple. The Hexagram, in their perspective is a seal of Solomon.

Author of the Ladder – (Baal Ha-Sulam) talks about the meaning of Jacob’s ladder, about his people and his angels, at the Order of Freemasons.

This evening I’ve been sanctified in to a builder student, shortly after I’ve been returned to the temple, my  suit  on my body and white apron around my waist, I sat in the northeast corner and listened to the conduct of the lodge. Still thrilled from the ceremony, most of what was said in the sanctuary I have forgotten. However, one thing I remember vividly - while our President was speaking, i watched at the rank board under his feet. Out of all the characters and symbols, a ladder caught my eye. The image of scale, leading to spiritual treasures in the top, revealed as the guiding thread through the mysteries of Freemasonry. Philosophies of the entire world and up to the book that sacred to all three major religions, book lying open in every lodge of the Freemasons.

The image of ladder, like other symbols, not unique to Freemasonry, and in different cultures throughout history it is a symbol of allegorical studies and part of the initiation rites. Above all, this symbol represented the basic and easy to understand idea - the progress and exaltation for person looking for an answer. The most famous ladder is of course Jacob's ladder, the ladder that Israel sees in his dream. Jacob goes on a journey, like many of us, and when it was time to rest he stops in the open air, he takes a stone for a pillow and fall asleep. This night chosen to be the night of revelation. Jacob sees a wonderful  dream and sees a ladder rising from the ground, from where he put his head in fact, while on this ladder the holy angels of the Almighty going up and down , and at the top of the ladder stands  the Creator himself, who presents himself to Jacob as the God of his ancestors and his God. He also continues and say that this he is going to give this land to Jacob and all his blessed seed.

Proper use of the chisel

Jacob wakes up from the vision and say "Truly there is God in that place and I did not knew/" Jacob knows the stories of his grandfather and knows what happened to his father, knowing that there is a God is not new to him. However, he surprised and say, "Truly there is God in that place." Heart of the matter is the use of the word "knew". So far, the knowledge of the God's existence was the only intellectual knowledge, Yaakov heard from his father and grandfather that there is a God and that this family is blessed by him. However, here, on this day and in this place, when he put his head on the stone, Jacob sees the God by with his eyes, and for the first time the knowledge becomes to be full and deeper, it becomes insight that comes from an experience.

Like Jacob, also Masons seek this change. We are aware that there is something better and more beautiful in the human soul, we recognize that there are laws that can improve us, that there are ideas that can lead us to spiritual and mental greatness. We are aware that there is a straight path, which allows you to go, but the experience must accompany the intellectual knowledge, that will turn these ideas into something tangible. For a Masons, initiation ceremony leads the secular person in the dark, blindfolded, when at the height of the ceremony his eyes opens and he sees the light that simultaneously transforms from symbolical into tangible.

At the end of this experience - or an experience, which is similar to it - a person begins to learn how to fulfill his destiny. Jacob story has another important idea, which links directly to one of the earliest ideas of Freemasonry. Jacob takes on a simple stone from the field to lay his head on it. Out of this stone, unremarkable, ordinary, that was just thrown, rises the holy ladder that leads Jacob to a deep understanding regarding the designation and the existence of a blessed God, who will help him and his seed to prosper and flourish. Each mason adopted to the lodge takes responsibility to make proper use of the chisel and make the simple parchment stone into an ashlar stone. On which  he will establish his glorious temple, just as Jacob takes the stone from under his head and in the morning pours oil on it, and a blesses it in a place which he calls Heaven's Gate. After he blessed it, he calls the place where he slept Beyt-El. This stone became a cornerstone, that is why we are not talking about the Beyt-El of today, but about Mount Moriah that sometimes called the navel of creation, the same mountain where the binding of Isaac took place, the same mountain, where later, King Solomon will build the temple.

To build the temple in our hearts why would they want to do it?

Like God, angels can see the future, but only certain things. Knowing that people will dare to build a temple to the ground, imitating the supreme tabernacle, and the knowledge that this temple will be purified and destroyed, angers them. They do not believe in man and not accept him, but God stops them from harming humans because he knows what strength he gave us.

God gave man the right to choose and that allows him to do the unthinkable.

The highest builder gave each one of us the power to transcend, to build a replica of the sacred temple and to create in our hearts, our bodies, temple that will stand for the glory.  Moreover it will help us move forward and become better and eventually do what angels will never be able to do is - go to the world of creation and reunite with the Creator.

Jacob's ladder is an inspired symbol that calls each person to act honestly with himself, doing his utmost to be worthy of more and fulfill the mission given to him. Notice this, usually a ladder is leaning against the wall or fortification, Jacob's ladder rising up and not leaning on anything. Climbing this kind of ladder is scary but the reward to those who will get to its top is phenomenal.

Freemasonry teaches us that there is light and it tells us that this light accessible to all of us. Freemasonry teaches us morality and helps us help others. It elevates us, rises us, and makes us whole. Jacob's ladder gives us the road to success - it teaches us to believe, to be hopeful and do not forget to give from ourselves as much as we can to help ourselves and to help others to be like our Father above.

This is not a dogmatic religious matter but a matter of faith and humanity. The redemption that our prophets have talked about, only a person can bring on himself, by behaving as fully human, and not by filling after religious rules without understanding them. By blossoming, shining, and being himself a great light. He should not forget where he came from and should not remove his eyes from the goal he seeks. This quest will lead him and others to a full life  that is cleaner, better and full of blessing.